About Smart Meters

As energy users, it only makes sense that we get curious about the energy we are consuming, particularly if we are watching our outgoings or are concerned about our print on the environment. Smart meters can be a huge help for both, but if you’ve been wondering what a smart meter is and how they can help you in your energy saving goals, read on as we give you a brief overview.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters differ from the old style analogue energy meters as they are able to offer a range of intelligent functions to households who have one installed. As your energy usage is updated and sent to your energy distributor every thirty minutes, smart meters can give you, and your energy supplier(s), a real-time idea of your energy use. In doing so, this ensures your bills remain accurate rather than running the risk of building up credit or debit on your energy account as is the case when your bills are “estimated”.

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters work by recording your energy usage and sending this data to your energy provider, as well as showing your energy consumption data which is available to you via an application or by a mobile monitor/digital screen which can be positioned in a convenient location around the house.

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

The main benefit of having a smart meter installed is having greater visibility of your energy usage and therefore making you aware of what appliances are using energy throughout the day. Without this ignorance is bliss but it’s also costly and can lead to a lot of waste. Another benefit of smart meters is that you will be able to budget for your outgoings more effectively, as there is no longer a need for estimated billing – you will be billed based on the energy that you actually use. It’s not only you that benefits though. Your energy supplier will also benefit from having a much more accurate view of energy consumption from their customer base helping to shape their pricing strategies more effectively which, in turn, should lead to less waste and therefore cost savings that some claim could filter through to customer bills…time will tell on that one.

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