Why switch energy providers?

Why Switch? For cheap electricity and gas – that’s why!

We understand that switching your energy provider should not involve any unnecessary stress. With Make It Cheaper, switching your energy provider is quick, simple and completely FREE. In fact, now the energy markets in the majority of States have been deregulated, there’s absolutely no reason for you to not to save a significant amount by switching suppliers.

Signing up to a new bundle deal for your home gas and electricity can save you a small fortune. However, keep in mind that each state is split into different pricing regions. This means picking the right pricing region is very important.

What are the benefits of switching my electricity and gas provider?

The benefits of switching electricity providers are simple. With cheaper options available, why pay more on your energy bills? Make It Cheaper’s team of savings experts make it easy to get connected to the cheapest deal from those available to us for you from our network of energy retailers with a completely free of charge service.

The main benefits are that you will save precious money and time!

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