Saving tips for business telecommunications

Businesses are always looking out for ways to protect their bottom line. Telecommunication is a big part of doing business in this day and age and the costs are often a necessary expenditure. While you might think your firm has the best mobile plan for business purposes, or you have chosen the ideal internet package to meet your needs, you can often reduce phone bills with a bit of careful planning and deliberation. By considering these few tips, you could potentially save your business a significant sum each year.

The international cost

Mobiles plans are a large cost whatever the purpose, but calling, messaging and browsing abroad can tally up a large bill. Cross-border business and investment may mean your business needs to touch base with foreign contacts. Instead of using fixed lines, internet calling services and conference calling can reduce It can be difficult to pinpoint why and for how long the phones are being used.

However, you should set guidelines for company mobiles. Review business phones regularly. While cutting costs is a goal, adding extra services - such as additional minutes or data - to your mobile plan can make it easier to budget and manage. 

You might also instruct staff to manage their usage abroad or have them take responsibility for the offshore costs, but you have to balance costs with offshore growth opportunities. According to Mercer's 2015 Quality of Living survey, short-term and long-term assignments are growing in popularity with multinational companies - and this could mean more calls on business trips abroad or communicating with employees. 

Finding a better deal

In today's rapidly changing corporate world, you might find that the telco you signed up with at the beginning of your company's life cycle no longer suits how you conduct business. Mobile phones are increasingly becoming a large part of how mobile workers communicate, especially with international opportunities come to the fore. According to a Roy Morgan Survey, 53 per cent of Australians had more than one mobile handset in 2014 for both work and personal use. 

Asking employees to cut down on their day-to-day usage is not the only solution. If your telecommunication costs are causing headaches, it might be time to take a look over business expenditure and see if you're really getting the best deal for your business activities. Sifting through this paperwork can be strenuous, but luckily a service like Make It Cheaper can compare mobile plans on your behalf based on your needs.

Posted by Jeremy Elliott