How do I choose the best mobile phone plan?

It is essential to compare mobile plans to make sure you are getting the best deal for your needs and are not paying over the odds.

What's changed since Australia's first Internet connection 25 years ago?

On June 24, Australia celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first internet connection - a lot has changed in that time.

Australian telco giant to join up with Google?

Australians may soon be able to benefit from a device called Google Chromecast, bringing the internet to the humble TV screen.

How will new privacy laws affect Aussie telcos?

The biggest change in Australia's privacy laws in 25 years may have lasting impacts for the telecommmunications industry.

How will KAFTA affect Australian Telcos?

What will a free trade agreement mean for Australian and South Korean telecommunications businesses?

National Broadband Network review

The new Government has made promises regarding the national broadband network, and a review should be completed at the start of December.

Report into Warrnambool Exchange fire released

A report into the Warrnambool Exchange fire has been released with Telstra promising to implement the recommendations.

Optus axing 290 jobs

Optus will sack 290 people to make way for the National Broadband Network.

M2 acquires Dodo for $203m

Dodo and Eftel have been acquired by M2 Telecommunications for $248 million.